Make your own Basic Earring Organizer

I use to be an “accessory” type of person. I had matching earrings, necklaces, bracelets mostly bought from Accessorize or from the Philippines. Eventually, I started making my own jewellery until eventually I had SO MUCH, I had to give them away. I still had a lot left and I wanted a place to display them so that I knew what I had. I am also the “out of sight, out of mind” kind of person, so if I don’t see a piece of jewellery, I eventually forget about it.

Most earring holders that I have seen can hold around 15-20 sets. I own more than that and I wanted them all in one place. Most of the DIY earring organizer I see online require a frame and some sort of metal mesh that I would need to cut. I found an easier version by repurposing a metal shelf insert from Ikea.

pics courtesy of apartment therapy taken from here and here

Their old shelf inserts use to be just plain but I think the newer version looks a lot prettier with the pattern on it.

I removed the leg on one side and kept the other so that it can stand just like a frame. The square one costs around 19 dhs and the rectangular smaller one is AED 15.

I also use the frame to carry my bands and some of my necklaces.

To add more necklace holders, you can use one of those hooks from Ikea which is AED 5 for 6 pcs.

BYGEL S-hook from ikea. Pic courtesy of

Its a cheap alternative and no fingers will be in danger!


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