Strawberries and Arugula

I love bargains!!!

DH nabbed two bunches of strawberries for AED 3.50 each (that’s USD 1) at Baqer Mohebi in Bur Dubai. I guess it’s the season for the fruit and prices usually go down. But at Carrefour and Geant, the prices are still above AED 10 for the same quantity.


So this week, I am eating a lot of them berries, mostly on a plain bed of arugula – my favorite leafy green.

arugula and strawberries

I use to be a plain ranch dressing kind of person, but ever since I discovered different flavored dressings from Taylors I have become more adventurous.

Mango Vinaigratte is my new favorite. Yummy on salads and even on pan fried fish… (ps, need to iron backdrop before using lol)
my new side dish

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