Upcycling old empty jars

I love tomato sauce. I love pasta with tomato sauce. I particularly like Del Grosso’s Tomato Basil.

I know I should start making my own tomato sauce but basil is such a rare commodity that I would rather just buy this jar for less than AED 10 monthly. Less hassle and much cheaper when you calculate the overhead cost. However, I end up with a lot of empty jars once I have finished and my husband wants me to throw them away.

But the jars are big and nice and the craft voices in my head are just too loud to ignore, so I hide them for future crafting purposes.

The other day, I saw that my stock of sugar (brown and white) are just sitting in the plastic bags they came with and decided to use the jars. I was thinking of making paper labels but then I thought it would be more convenient if I could erase the label if ever I end up wanting to use the jars for something else. So I decided to paint a part of the jars with chalkboard paint.

masking tape, jar (should be empty) and my reliable chalkboard spray paint

I used masking tape to cover parts of the jar that I didnt want to paint.

I messed up some parts of the jar because I was so eager to remove the tape even if they weren’t entirely dried up.

Enjoyed taking pictures of jars. lol

Ci so love chalkboard paint!


5 thoughts on “Upcycling old empty jars”

    1. really? everytime i go to Geant, they don’t have it. so i guess i have to go to carrefour now. but still, i prefer to get the tomato sauce for the jars. lol


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