Use a perfume bulb to freshen up your car

It is currently the Dubai Shopping Festival and that means there are a lot of shops on sale. I have been avoiding going out lately because it is just difficult to go out with a toddler, especially my Aria who enjoys letting everyone hear her high pitched shrieks. and also because I don’t have any shopping money (to get a job or not to get a job, that is the question).
However, after breakfast with my parents the other day, we passed by Bath and Body Works and so many things were on sale. My mom and I particularly like their stuff, so we stocked up on some hand washing liquids (on sale for AED 10 from AED 35), lotions and a bunch of air fresheners.
I usually just buy their aromatherapy oils once a year (coz they last me that long), but this time I got two for a really good bargain.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Antistress and Marshmallow Fireside Fragrance oil from Bath and Body Works

We also got a bunch of those perfume bulbs that you put in diffusers for only AED 6 that DH wanted to put in his car, so I decided to make him a pouch that he can attach to the car AC vents.

wallflowers perfume bulb from Bath and Body Works

I used felt (around 7 cm x 4 cm), garter and a button for this project. I folded the felt and stitched two sides into a pouch and shirred the top so that it would enclose the bulb like shape of the bottle. I made a loop out of the garter and attached it to one side and added the button at the bottom of the garter.

Now DH’s car smells a lot better thanks to Bath and Body Works and some crafting!


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