Eazee Piezee Iced Coffee

I’ve been obsessing about caffeine lately. I think I would have to blame it all on the lack of caffeine for the past 6-8 months and the lack of sleep for the past 6 weeks. However, I do not find myself in the mood for instant hot coffee though despite of the cold weather. I would prefer hot from Starbucks or gloria jeans but not instant coffee.

So it isn’t a surprise that I’ve been having a little too much iced coffee during lunch. Around 3-4 times a week I think. It’s bad I know but I can’t help it.

lunch usually consists of instant noodles, iced coffee and oolong tea. weird eh?

To make iced coffee that doesn’t taste like instant coffee with ice, I mix a teaspoon of instant coffee and a tablespoon of brown sugar in a cup of hot water. Once that is mixed well, I transfer to my big mug (or a mason jar) and add two cups (or more) of low fat milk and a tablespoon of condensed milk. You can also use just a cup of low fat milk and then another cup of water. I prefer more milk. Add as much ice as you want and then your straw… Iced coffee needs to be taken with a straw.

When I use the brand of Alicafe 3 in 1 (which is my favorite), I just adda tablespoon of condensed milk and then more and more milk. And of course, ice… and also the straw…



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