My Surat Journal

“Surat” is an ilocano word for “write”. I am a journal/notebook lover and I have recently proclaimed my love for it here so when my cousin told me about this handmade journal that’s making waves in Aussie and is supposed to be made in Dubai by a fellow “kabayan” (we Filipinos call one another kabayan which means fellowmen when we are in a foreign country), I knew I had to get one. The fact that it is a notebook without lines that is handmade and also made in Dubai by a Filipino impressed me a lot that I couldn’t get my mind off of it.

Every year I get a new notebook – without lines – for scribbling, jotting down notes, or just to add to my growing collection and I knew that this year, this was the notebook for me.

my package hand delivered by a new friend
I ordered a yellow leather journal this time instead of my usual green color.

The leather used for Surat journals are exported (imported?) from Marikina,  the shoe capital of the Philippines.

love this quote
little blank book – ahhhh! my favorite kind of notebooks… blank without lines!
the last page… handmade in Dubai.
i love the texture of the paper. it is not the cheap recycled paper that is rough but is actually smooth enough that it is ideal even for sketching.

How to get your own Surat Journal:


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