5 blessings in 2012

2012 has brought us a lot of downs but whenever the UPs come, they are way UP there!

Here are my 5 UPs for 2012


family picture

Everybody knows that I am an official proud mama since its all Ive been talking about in my last few posts. We have tried so hard and failed several times to conceive but God has blessed us with a little baby girl in His own time. She has brought us joy and me, personally, a new found respect for the mothers who raise/d their children by themselves. I salute you mothers! I don’t know how you do it, but you managed. I know I’ll find out eventually since I am in the same position.

2. DH’s new job


DH use to work from 7am-3 pm. He use to wake up at 5 in the morning and be on the road 30 minutes later because his work place is around 130 km away (Dubai to Abu Dhabi). He would come home stressed and most of the time with a migraine. But right at the same time I left my job, he started at his new work place which is around 45 minutes away from our house.

3. My Macbook pro is working again!

hello macmac!

My Macbook broke down in 2011 and for a while, I had been blogging using my ipad (which is totally inconvenient). By Feb 2012, I started using an old PC that would hang up everytime I used it. But thanks to a friend’s recommendation, we found a place that fixed Macbook pros at a minimal price as I blogged here.

4. Inspite of having little we always have enough…

… and I thank God for that!

5. Loads of unexpected material blessings

Oh Yeah!

I actually got my Silhouette replaced, my loving friends threw me two baby shower/s, i got me a blog buddy (mitziemee)- who unknowingly encourages me to to keep blogging by commenting on all of my posts (:)), I got a freebie from yallabanana and a whole lot of little things that when put together is a big thing.

Looking back at all the challenges and blessings that 2012 gave us, I am forever grateful.

My word for 2012 was CHANGE- i wanted to embrace it, accept it, and make it into something positive. I did encounter a lot of changes – from becoming a full-time housewife, becoming a mom, losing a big amount of our monthly income to not being able to afford to travel at all. But the best change is the change cultivated within, that whatever I have or don’t have, I have learned and still learning to be content.


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