Merry Christmas to everyone!

I’ve been really preoccupied these days and have found it extremely difficult to manage time and energy. I have a new found respect for the mothers who braved this “hood” without the help of anyone, hands on, by themselves. I am trying my best and not really doing that well. I raise my glass to you!

But apart from that, I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a bright and wonderful New Year! Planning to be back blogging by January. I decided not to force myself to post these days because I am just getting the hang of being a mom, cleaning up after every spit and poop, trying to pacify outrageous crying bouts, sleeping when she’s asleep, feeding her even if it hurts, forcing her to burp after every feeding and just trying to survive. Aria is now a month old today – I still can’t stop being grateful for how I finally have her in my arms…




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