Aria at home

Lately, writing posts (and doing anything else) has been a big struggle for me with trying to meet the demands of a newborn. I use to reserve my early mornings to write and come up with posts, but now, I need to sleep when she’s asleep. And she’s asleep in the early mornings. DH doesn’t even wake me up anymore because he knows I have been up most of the night trying to pacify Aria from hunger, gas or a wet diaper.

However, documenting moments with the baby girl has been a pleasure. I have been constantly taking her pictures whenever my hands are free. Thought I’d share some photos I took at home.

Welcome Home baby Aria!
Dear Husband and Aria taking a nap
lying down on the bed
gripping my finger
her really big feet


a better view of her sleeping profile and her beautiful eyelashes

3 thoughts on “Aria at home”

  1. Wonderful pics. Being a mom really sounds like quite a challenge. Keep up the good work and hopefully, she’ll soon turn 18 and take you for Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and let you borrow her clothes:)


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