Making A Basic Paper wreath

I know this isn’t the best looking wreath out there but its the perfect DIY base for a magnificent looking one. It’s really up to you what additional ornament you’d like to add.

Basic paper leaf wreath


1) Styrofoam rings for wreaths are hard to find in Dubai. I seriously have not found a store that supplies them. What I used as a base was foam board. You can get them at any stationery store for less than 20 dirhams for a 30 x60 in board. Then I cut out a ring shape from the board. You can still use the remaining for another project. I had this board lying around since my wedding (feb 2010!) and I knew I had to use it or else…

2) Green colored paper. I had these since my wedding too. 🙂

3) Glue or double sided tape. You can use a glue gun or just plain white glue. I used double sided tape for less mess.

4) Additional ornaments you might want to use. I kept mine really plain. But if you do decide to add the ornaments, make sure that they are light weight ones. My paper snowflakes courtesy of martha stewart

5) scissors and cutter


First cut out your ring. I used the rim of my laundry basket and a plate.

Cut out your leaves from the green paper. Its up to you to decide the size. My leaves were 1/8 of the A4 size paper. Create a crease in the middle of each leaf by folding in half.

Stick the leaves onto the ring, overlapping each layer, until it is fully covered.

Add your ornaments and you’re done!


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