Christmas is here!

It’s December and for most of us, it’s time to bring out the Christmas decor. For most Filipinos, that time started 3 months ago, when the ‘ber’ months began. For me, I knew I would have my hands full by December so I started decorating last October.

My Christmas Tree

I didn’t want to do much. Just brought out my red curtains, my Christmas tree, my red sofa throw, and some other red stuff. I found out that I lacked tree ornaments so I decided to DIY some paper quill snowflakes ala Martha Stewart.

paper snowflake quill that I put on the Christmas Tree.
made smaller ones that I put on a DIY Christmas Wreath

I have always wanted to make a wreath and finally got the chance to make one. Wished I had a deeper green paper, but I just tried to manage with what I had.

My Chartreuse green Christmas wreath hanging at the door… with one red snowflake missing. 🙂

I also made fake Christmas stockings since I had so much felt. I used the template from Martha Stewart but did not make it a full blown stocking and instead made it just one sided. I sewed on our monograms (F for DH, R for Rachel and A for Aria), hearts, felt buttons and trees.

the fake Christmas stockings above the TV. My hello baby sign is for Aria’s homecoming.
F (DH), A (Aria) and R (Rachel)

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