Growing up with Dr Martens- kickin it old school

I think I was in 5th grade when the DMs craze emerged. Everyone was wearing Dr Martens boots, shoes, sandals. My parents (who I know did their best to provide for our needs) didn’t get me one until I was a freshman in high school. And I wore that one pair of DMs until my Senior year.

Enter college and, I don’t know if my parents found a pot of gold or won the lottery but, I found myself with 4 pairs of Dr Martens mary janes in brown, black, blue and green.

My college shoes

My younger bro recently acquired a pair of their boots and proudly posted a pic on Facebook. I suddenly found myself wanting to buy another pair. However, I can’t find the distributor here in Dubai and it seems that nobody wears them anymore. I’ll probably end up buying in Singapore when we go and visit my younger brother, someday…

Thought I’d put together a wishlist of stuff that would go with my hypothetical new pair of DMs.

1. Deirdre from Dr MartensMy hypothetical new pair of DMs in white. On sale on the Dr Marten’s webstore for $78.00

2.Glasses Half Full Dress from Modcloth– This dress is so Retro. I love that it would look great with my hypothetical pair of new shoes. $57.99 on

3. Newbury Tote from Anthropologie– This shade of blue is so pretty. I love that it looks good with the dress. I prefer big bags over small ones. I need a bag that has space for my camera if I am not lazy to bring it along. $198 on

4. Moroccan Hoop Earrings from Accessorize– We have Accessorize on all the malls here in Dubai. Love hoop earrings coz they make your neck look longer. 6 UK pounds on their UK webshop.


One thought on “Growing up with Dr Martens- kickin it old school”

  1. DM is experiencing some kind of resurrection in Denmark these years and you see them everywhere. I never had DM’s when they were big in the 90’s but I’m considering buying me a pair now. I guess it’s never too late:)


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