Sewing Project Frenzy

The week leading up to my scheduled delivery, I was frantically trying to finish all the sewing projects that was piled up under my desk. Although I didn’t get to finish everything, I managed to get a few things done.

I had this old sweater that I never wore that I cut up and sewed up to be used as a cardigan. According to my sister in law, you can never have enough cardigans. I didn’t add buttons coz I knew I had a big tummy and wouldnt be able to close the cardigan for quite some time. Plus, I was lazy…
sweater cardigan from sweater to cardigan
Followed this tutorial right here.

old leather skirt

I had this old leather skirt that I could never wear again because it was just TOOO TIIIGHHT!!! And I got really fat. Anyway, I hate having things lying around that I never wear and I couldn’t send the skirt to relatives in Manila because it is very impractical to wear leather there so I decided to cut it up for some projects. I didn’t feel that bad about cutting it up because I got it for a really good bargain from TCHIBO.

However when I started working with it, I realized that my machine is just not made for working with leather. But I still managed to make this pouch out of it. It’s not my best, but its a start.

suede pouch
Followed this tutorial here

I also promised my niece and nephew that I’d make them skirts and shorts more than 4 months ago so I finally got to make some for them.
made this from an old dress that didn’t fit. I made a skirt for myself and then made this for my niece from the extra fabric.

this skirt is from an old blouse I purchased at the Safa Park flea market more than a year ago for around AED 2 (3 pcs for 5 dhs).
Followed this tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff.

downsized this for my niece from one of my old shorts that just doesnt fit anymore

for my nephew
I decided to wing it when I made the shorts. I think it all turned out fine.

I have been dying to make statement pillows as I recently blogged here. I just murdered an old (ugly) pillow and made a new rectangular one and sewed a pillowcase. I used felt for the letters without a pattern. I think I was in such a frenzy that I just kept winging it.

my first ever statement pillow

It really is simple but I will be posting a tutorial soon.

Have you been going gaga over sewing or any other thing lately?


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