Seafood Night

Who doesn’t like buffet nights? I got the chance to enjoy an all you can eat dinner at Seasons, Ramada Chelsea Hotel at Al Barsha courtesy of

Please note that this is not a paid blog entry and all opinions regarding the company or the experience are very much my own. 

Yallabanana has one of the best customer service departments in all of the daily coupon/deals companies out there. I once bought a deal there and when I was about to use it, I found out that the restaurant has closed. The company fully reimbursed the amount I spent as soon as I let them know about the dilemma and I got to use it on other deals. Another instance is when I made a review of the deal I acquired for a meal at Gerard cafe and they gave me this complimentary buffet dinner at Seasons.

the deal
the deal

We decided to use the voucher on their seafood night. The spread was pretty much generous considering that the price is just AED 42. But even for AED 89, that is already a bargain. I love seafood and so does DH. I didn’t take pictures coz one- I hate it when management asks me to erase the photos I took and two- I was so hungry, I forgot.

The unforgettable main course was the hamour in creamy sauce and the seafood thermidor. The fish was just cooked perfectly and the abundant variety of seafood meat in the thermidor was just great. If I wasn’t pregnant at the time, I would have stuffed myself till I couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately for me, I had to restrain myself from eating too much because of the diabetes and because I didnt want to deal with the problem of hemorrhoids.

Ooh they also satisfied my craving for UM ALI! yumm yumm!!!

Seasons Restaurant
Ramada Chelsea, Al Barsha
Customer Support: +971 4 5019000


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