Burger Fuel VS Burger King

I know, there is really no comparison between these two because Burger Fuel is twice the price (and the size) of Burger King, but I just wanted to really compare two of my most favorite burgers on the planet and that the other day, I had the chance to eat them together- one burger courtesy of a freebie from samplecentral.ae and the other courtesy of my husband.

DH and burger fuel
DH and burger fuel

I had to let him try the Burger Fuel burger since I had the monster burger the other day and at first bite, I knew it was not meant for sharing… especially if you are very hungry pregnant woman. 🙂

before eating
i just had to post this pic coz i looked nice.

I first heard about Burger fuel from my blog buddy, Mitziemee, but only got to try it last month.

Anyway, for the freebie we only had the option of having their mini burgers which is almost the same size as the usual McDonalds burger, so we ordered the Hamburger with cheese. Then we ordered the steakhouse burger from Burger King.


Hambo with Cheese
Hambo with cheese from Burger Fuel

I would have to say that Burger Fuel is a force to be reckoned with. The patty is so juicy and tasty that every bite is an experience. Burger King steak house is good, I love the bacon with the beef but bacon really has to be pork for me.


Burger King hands down. The monster burger from Burger fuel costs around 35 AED and that doesn’t include the fries and the drinks (which costs a lot too). Burger King costs around 22 AED for a meal. If you are really craving for a burger and you are on a tight budget, go for BK (burger king). But if money is not an issue, go for BF (burger Fuel).

Steakhouse Burger from BK
Steakhouse Burger from BK


Hey we can’t complain! It’s fast food! Burger Fuel isn’t all that popular yet, so when we got there there was no queues. BK on the other hand is always full of people on a holiday weekend. But they are not slow in service so it isnt that bad. So I guess both joints offer value experience.

DH and I are both die hard fans of Burger Fuel now.

Burger Fuel mantra
Getting to know Burger Fuel

But for those days when we’ve only got a few bucks in our pockets and I really want a BIG FAT burger, we only have BK to go to. 🙂


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