Happy Birthday to the love of my life

Today DH is celebrating his birthday.

I planned to bake him a cake since he always gets me one from Chocoa, but I didn’t plan to deliver early so I just didn’t get to. Right now we are all at the hospital taking care of the newest addition to our family. Hopefully I’ll still get to bake that cake for him within the next 12 months.

Happy birthday Dear Husband!

dear husband
my guy

Thank you for being my financier,

my rock,

my pillar,

my caretaker,

my brain,

my personal accountant,

my totally unqualified psychiatrist,

my cheerleader,

my number 1 fan,

my private dancer,

my prayer partner,

my lover,

my bestfriend,

and yes there are many more but I am too sleepy to keep typing…



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