Today is the last day that I will be a pregnant woman and the first day that I am going to be an official mom. I am going to have a Ceasarian delivery today at 11 am and I am nervous and excited at the same time.

baby Aria
Baby Aria in the house, literally

Not nervous because of the operation but at the prospect of being a mother.

Excited to hold baby Aria in my arms…

Some random thoughts-

– I have no idea what I would do if Aria turns out to be a boy. I would have to seriously rethink the name. I know the radiologist already confirmed that she is a girl, but I remember a friend of mine who was 100% sure that she was having a girl and planned to name ‘her’ after me and she turned out to be a boy when he came out. I keep thinking of all the pink stuff I got as shower gifts and how I will have to let him wear it even if its a pretty feminine color… then when he turns 1, Ill butch him up with all manly stuff.

– Recovery is going to be a biiiech. I have had three operations in the past two years, the last one left me in a cast for more than a month. Walking became such a challenge… I know my first challenge from recovering from this CS operation is to fart… and its not going to be easy. But i have my eye on the prize and that is to be able to prep my body for solid food… looking forward to that donut.

– no more GD!!! Goodbye insulin! Goodbye monitoring of blood sugar!

– Ill miss feeling my baby’s movements… especially after eating that forbidden piece of chocolate.


made these small boxes and thought they looked cute. 🙂 I have no idea how long I will settle into being a mom but I will do my best to regularly update this blog.

small boxes


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