Watercolor portraits

I’ve been doing a lot of handmade stuff the past few months. It not only helped save up on expenses but giving gifts that you made yourself makes it seem so personal and more thoughtful. Of course it really does make a difference if you make quality goods and it takes practice to perfect a craft.

I’ve been brushing up on my watercolor skills (not that I have a lot) ever since I got off work. My niece thinks I’m really good and thinks the world of me. She’s 7 by the way. But my rendering teacher in college thought otherwise or she would’ve given me better grades. I made portraits of my niece and nephews (i have 2) for my mom and dad and they really appreciated it. I told them my portrait of Aria would come by January when her distinguishable features become more prominent.

I first tried to find individual pictures with high contrast (distinguishable highlights and dark areas) and converted them in black and white in photoshop. I based my portraits on these. If you want to print them out that would be easier, but it isn’t necessary if you work with a laptop or if you can upload the tweaked picture in to your iPad.

These are my finished products.




Have you been getting your paint groove on?


3 thoughts on “Watercolor portraits”

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, watercolor is a hard medium, but practice always makes perfect! still need more practice though. hopefully ill get better by next year. 🙂


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