Cheap Thrills- Date night in Dubai for less than AED 50

Let’s face it, we all have our TOO BROKE TO DO ANYTHING days. We find ways to cope (most of the time by staying at home and doing nothing and living on instant noodles) until the end of the month when our salaries reach our bank accounts and then we splurge like overnight millionaires. Its a bad habit and I use to live like that when I was in college and even when I first started working… Unknowingly, I would be marrying a guy who knows how to handle his money. Lucky me! 🙂

In Dubai, where malls are the number 1 tourist attractions, you can’t help but spend when you go out. There are so many things that you can buy, and so many things that you can eat!!! For me, eating when you are out is a must. Food is my weakness.

I just came up with a random list of things you can do without going over budget. DH and I are totally trying to make ends meet and cutting back on our date night splurges is the number one thing that needs to be done.

Here are some tips to keep the romance alive without really spending TOO much.

1. When you need to eat out, eat cheap.

Remember that cheap doesnt necessarily mean ‘blah’! My husband and I like to be adventurous, even with food. Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and food so don’t be afraid to try out those little restos!

– I love shawarma and for AED 5 (less than 2 dollars), you can have a hearty meal. My favorite is at the Picnic restaurant in Satwa near the Diyafah st. roundabout. I like my shawarma juicy and juicy shawarma is what they have. With a can of coke or maybe a fruit juice, this will set you back around AED 12 each (less than 4 dollars). Al Reef Bakery (a lebanese bakery that also offers food) also has very good shawarma. They have a branch in Karama near the fire station.

picnic restaurant in Satwa
the picnic restaurant in Satwa, image courtesty of
Al reef bakery in Safa park
Al reef bakery in Safa park, image courtesy of Timeout Dubai

Karachi Darbar is one of the cheapest places you can eat at. I love that their lassi costs only AED 4 and it is very good.

2. Go to places that are not full of shops.

Date night is suppose to be for conversation and just spending time with the significant other! So avoid the malls and if you really want to go on a date at the mall, go to the part of the mall where you know you won’t buy anything!

– Souk al Bahar near Dubai mall is a cozy place where you can watch the Dubai fountain. I love watching the Dubai fountain! And they have coffee shops where you can just sit for coffee… Stay away from the restos though! And the shops that they have are good enough to just look at, similar to the ones in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, which is another place good enough for a coffee date. 🙂

souk al bahar
Souk al bahar overlooks the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. image courtesy of
souk madinat
Al fresco dining in souk madinat Jumeirah. There is a starbucks there that overlooks the Burj al Arab. image courtesy of

3. Picnics!

Dubai has so many parks and picnics are really the best date night activity. I love Zaabeel park or the creekside park at night since they are very accessible and only a few people go there in the evenings.

Sometimes it gets so frustrating to go out knowing that you cannot spend on anything! Just keep in mind that purpose of dating is spending time with your significant other not shopping or doing errands.


On a different note, I will be giving birth by next Monday which is the 26th of November. Pretty much earlier than our expected December 12 date but because of gestational diabetes, my doctor doesn’t want me go wait till full term to give birth. I am both ecstatic and scared at the same time… but this has all been a blessing and I am just thankful that me and baby have made it this far. 


5 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills- Date night in Dubai for less than AED 50”

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Dubai offers many activities for vacationers, which can be enjoyed by people of any age groups. Dubai is very famous for its tallest buildings that attract many people to visit Dubai every year.


    1. Yeah I know… most of the activities come with a price tag though. But there are still some stuff out there you can enjoy without spending too much. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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