My big momma’s birthday

The most influential person in my life has always been my mom. From taking care of her three kids, to putting her husband first before herself, she has always set an example of unselfishness and dedication to family that I never knew I would want to imitate as I take my first steps into motherhood… I’m not saying my mom is perfect, she’s a far cry from the perfect stepford wife or sweet valley mom, but her imperfections are minute compared to the sacrifices she made raising her family. I love my mother, more than I have ever shown her and I know I won’t be able to love her enough to even repay back everything she has ever done for me…

Today my mom celebrates her 56th birthday and I dedicate this short post to her. It might be the last bday I will be celebrating with her because she’ll be heading back to live in the Philippines by next year. Just thinking about it brings heaviness to my heart and my pregnancy hormones can’t seem to hold back the tears. It also means I would need to teach my mom to do video chat so that she’ll be able to spend time with Aria even if its just for a few cyber minutes a day…

I love you mom. You taught me so much- to love my family, to love others, to love God. Happy birthday!



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