Statement Pillows

I was at Debenhams, Mall of the Emirates the other day just looking around and saw this really cute statement pillow that said “Quiet please”. I thought that was cute and I’ve been searching high and low on the internet for the image. Now all I can think of is recreating the pillows with my sewing machine for Christmas presents.

Statement pillows are really easy to make actually, pillow cases are relatively easy to make. The only challenge is finding the right material to use for the letters. Most of the statement pillows I have seen use felt for the letters. Other materials like rhinestones would also be cool and add a lot of bling!

Screenprinting would be nice and also a faster way to make gifts. However, I still have not found the materials locally. Hopefully, sometime next year, I will find the materials and start screen printing at home.
This is just an idea for a project. Ill post a tutorial once I do get to make one, which is something I plan before giving birth (which is in 10 days…).

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