Just some halloween thoughts

image from www.osborneny.org

I know it’s late but I just had to say… While the rest of the world was celebrating halloween with costumes and parties, I have literally kept quiet about it. It’s just that I did not grow up celebrating the event and this year, I was not invited to anybody’s party (no sourgraping here). My highschool friend Louie (who is about to launch her mommy blog) use to host a halloween party every year and she likes to do the trick or treat thing for her daughter. However, she was busy with her brother visiting from the Philippines, so there was no party there.

I also did not find it necessary to decorate the house with halloween stuff. Although it would have been really cool to have some spooky decor for some ambience. The closest ambience I had to anything spooky this year was watching the latest episodes of the walking dead on TV. And this season is so far so good. My husband came home one weekend to find blood stains and a body outline on the floor infront of my neighbors flat. He got so scared he wanted to go to the watchman to ask if anything happened. Then he remembered Halloween.

chalk body outline
image taken Forensics4fiction.com

I thought that was funny.

However, what I would like to try some time in the future are some halloween food. Something with pumpkin. Hopefully next year I wouldn’t be too pregnant or too diabetic to make me some pumpkin pie.

pumpkin pie
image from www.verybestbaking.com

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