Hundred Islands, Pangasinan (at dawn)

Pangasinan is a province in Luzon known for the so called Hundred islands. DH is from the exact town (Alaminos) where it is located and long before he fell in love with me :), I went there during one of my annual vacations.

It was April of 2008 when my college buddies and I made plans to visit the famous tourist spot and fell inlove with its natural beauty. There are literally hundreds of islands to visit and we started from Manila at midnight and arrived in Alaminos at 5 in the morning. This is the best time to travel since travelling with the sun up would amount to heavy traffic especially in the city delaying travel time to an additional 2 hours.

We found a 2 bedroom transient house there for a thousand pesos for a night (AED 100 or US $20) and rented a boat for some island hopping for another thousand pesos. Not bad right?

Lucap point
Lucap point view
the view from Lucap point, overlooking the hundred islands
Lucap point lighthouse
another lighthouse shot


more boats at Lucap
More boats at Lucap
to the islands
on the boat to the islands

100 island skies
you just gotta love the skies
100 islands boat
Our boat

There isn’t much to do in Alaminos except for the island hopping. My husband boasts of the “Bangus Festival” (milkfish festival) where folks from all over Pangasinan meet together and have a Milkfish cook off in adjacent Dagupan city. But other than that, it is a small town with small markets. I wished they would develop a museum and some other forms of recreation there. However, the hundred islands is already worth the visit. Especially when you enjoy these types of paradise.


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