I’ve been searching for some color inspirations for the autumn season lately. Not that we actually celebrate Autumn here in Dubai, but the weather is changing to the Middle Eastern winter and you can’t help but imagine that the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground to make way for snow… this is what happens when you subscribe to too many western/european blogs.

Okay, the reason why I was searching for some color inspiration is for a project I am working on. But then again, these colors evoke such warmth I was thinking of putting together a bunch of stuff for me using these colors- my autumnspiration!

Colors were inspired by the first image from

I didn’t really perceive all these items to be worn together. I am so used to seeing mostly autumn colors in fashion restricted to shades of brown, taupe, and beige. The yellows and oranges seem to be restricted to leaves.

1. The colors for these leather woven bags from Bottega Veneta are very much last season. But I have never had a woven bag before in leather and these are in such nice shades! The bags can be bought in different subtle shades for US $ 2700 for the top bag (from their online site) and the US $3400 for the bottom bag. YIKES! Images from here  and here.

2. I love this sweater dress from Mossimo which is also an old design. Need to look for something similar that is available now! I love the cowl/turtle neckline. This one shade dress is perfect for a mustard yellow stockings and brown maryjanes. Image from

3. YELLOW SHOES! I’ve never had one. But they look so cute! Shoes are from Dorothy perkins. Image from

4. Scarves provide enough warmth during Dubai winters. This yellow mustard scarf can easily be paired with any shirt for that casual chic look. You can turn any of your pashmina (or any shawl) scarves into a circular scarf. Image courtesy of Pink toad on

Anybody else gearing up for some autumn fashion?


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