Shake Shacked!

One of my world proclaimed wishes for my birthday was a cholesterol filled meal at Shake Shack. The much hyped about fast food chain recently opened at Mall of the Emirates and has been getting a lot of good reviews. I was excited when my dear friend Iris took me there for my birthday dinner. I immediately planned to increase the dosage of my insulin before hand so that I can eat without worrying about sugar high.

the beautiful iris
the beautiful iris infront of the beautiful food

The shake shack ambience did not disappoint. I love the industrial look with unfinished ceilings and steel finishes. However, I wished they had cushioned seating since my aching hips and behind needed a soft place to rest.

shake shakc
from the outside

I had a burger and Iris had the hotdog. We both had cheesy fries. I ordered the root-beer float (which was one of the best out there!) because it was something not offered in most places and Iris had a black and white shake.

shake shack food

The burger and hotdog was disappointingly small. I was really looking forward to a large hunk of meat sandwiched between two fat burger buns, but I got a burger smaller than my hands. The patty tasted good but the size just wasn’t good enough for that price. The cheesy fries was YUMMY and I finished my order as well as Iris’s (blame the pregnancy appetite)!

The shake was good (tried to avoid tasting it but couldnt)- creamy. My rootbeer float was YUMM. I love root beer!

If you are really hungry and plan to eat a lot, avoid going to shake shack. Go there for a snack or for their delightful shakes… or just go for the rootbeer!


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