BB cream review: the most economical options in the Dubai market

Everyone who uses makeup is aware of BB Cream. BB can stand for anything you want, no not really, it actually stands for blemish balm and originated from Japan and Korea. If you want to read more about it, you can check out wikipedia here. My good friend Ivy from a wife’s charmed life also wrote about the BB creams she had tried that are available in the market as well as a background on the product, you can find the post here.

With BB cream growing in popularity, the prices for BB creams in the market has also risen tremendously. And you know me, I am always on the lookout for the cheapest and good products out there!

bb cream
the battle of the best (and cheapest) bb creams

I never use to wear makeup and I still do avoid using it most of the time. But lately, I am on a makeup frenzy and started enjoying putting it on. I still have a lot to learn and this review is from the perspective of an amateur. I have normal skin but I do get oily skin occasionally. I also sweat a lot which is why it is so hard for me to find ‘no drench’ makeup that would suit me. It was my sister in law who introduced me to the world of BB creams when she came to visit Dubai last April. She did my makeup for the family photoshoot and I definitely looked great.

The cheapest BB cream I could find cost me AED 7 for a 50ml tube from Daiso. I love Daiso and I do sometimes buy makeup from there (face powder and concealer). The cream was from Korea and had an SPF of 20. I did not get any breakouts and the coverage after 3-4 hours is still great.

daiso bb cream
this is the BB cream from daiso
before and after
I know the pictures might be a bit offensive (coz of too much of my face) but I just had to show the difference after applying the BB cream. 4 hours later after going out, the makeup still looks good although I do feel a little oily, which I believe, nothing a good oil blotting paper cannot handle.

The second cheapest BB cream I got my hands on was from Garnier for AED 30 for a 50 ml tube. I bought the Medium shade which complimented my skin. Unlike Ivy, I did not get any breakouts, but I guess my skin is not as sensitive as hers. The cream has an SPF of 15 and is easily applicable. I also love the smell of this cream.

garnier bb cream
from Garnier
before and after garnier
the before and after test of Garnier BB cream. After four hours, my skin looks a bit pasty, although that again can be remedied by oil blotting film or powder.

I used minimal makeup for both tests- no concealer, just a light shade of eyeshadow (on discount from red earth for AED 5), black eyeliner on the top lid (a gift from avon), a light dab of bronzer on the cheeks (an old splurge from bodyshop), and lipgloss (from bath and body works).


Aaack! I cannot decide. Both creams seem to suit me well. I guess because my face isn’t as sensitive than most. I do prefer the higher SPF which is the one from Daiso because of the heat here, but if I want something that smells nice, I can use the Garnier. I have slept in without removing my makeup on both creams (on my very lazy evenings) and I did not experience any breakouts.

I guess when it comes to creams, it is a case of trial and error since we all have different skin sensitivity. However in this case, it won’t hurt to try these two brands since it won’t hurt your pocket much. Take Ivy’s suggestion by asking for samples before making a major purchase.


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