beautiful prints by kitt

I’ve been looking around for prints that would really be nice for our little studio flat. Actually, even if I have a small space, I still have bare walls I want to decorate with something. I am a sucker for non-traditional art. And maybe, someday when we get bigger space, I would buy more prints for the house. For now, I am more on the “DIY” phase of decorating. I just did a portrait of DH in watercolor and placed it beside the bed (my side ofcourse).

franklin in watercolor
Franklin in watercolor

Friends tell me the portrait looks like Abraham Lincoln… But I think it does look like DH. Will be practicing on more family members…

Anyway, if I were to spend on a print, I would like something from my dear artist friend (or is it dear friend artist, or artist dear friend?) residing in Singapore who does rad illustrations of portraits and cameras in watercolor.

Kitt was one of my eccentric artistic college friends. He stood out, even back then (I will not mention how many years ago) with his quirky fashion sense and his flair for style. Now, I am not ashamed to say that I love all of his illustrations. Check out his tumblr page at He also sells some of his prints at



I am in-love with the holly-go-lightly (the last one) and the camera (2nd one) print. Waiting for Kitt to start selling them.


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