on park mode at 33 weeks

So I’ve been quiet for the past few days… because I have been preoccupied with being pregnant. Sleep has suddenly evaded me and I keep waking up at odd hours to painful hips. Getting up and lying down has also started to become a pain with all the pressure “down there” but baby’s doing really good and is hyperactive which is what I am thankful for. At 33 weeks, I have 7 weeks (or 4 depending on the status of my gestational diabetes) to go.

I’m trying to find time (between falling asleep and doing housework at a really slow pace) for some posts and crafts. My brain has also started turning to mush (it was already mush but it just got mushier) and I often find myself forgetting what I am doing in the middle of doing something. I’m glad I have supportive mothers around who remind me and lecture DH that it is all part of the process.

Meanwhile, I have two things I will be writing about soon in future posts

1) a very talented illustrator

kitt's "Spalding"
kitt’s “Spalding”
holly go lightly
holly go lightly


2) handcrafted journals made in Dubai

surat journals
surat journals

tata for now!



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