Light lunch at Gerard Cafe, Downtown Burj Residences

gerard cafe
the cafe front

I love good deals. Ive been a proponent of cobone, gonabit (now living social), deal gobbler and yallabanana since they started. Although now I have lessened the buying, I did have some credits expiring with yallabanana that I needed to use asap. There was a deal for a meal at gerard cafe located at the burj residences for a salad, pasta or pizza and a drink for AED 39. I’ve never eaten there  so I was expecting a mediocre meal but the promise of a beautiful location (overlooking the burj al arab and the fountain) was something I did not want to pass up.

burj khalifa

DH and I decided to use the coupon last Saturday (October 13) for lunch since it was expiring the day after. The weather was already pleasant to be sitting outdoors and when we arrived at the location, I was not disappointed. The full view of the (current) world’s tallest tower was majestic and there wasn’t a lot of people around. The cafe had an indoor and outdoor sitting area. There was a cluster of other restaurants and an art gallery in the vicinity and DH and I planned to have more dates there. The setting was perfect.

gerard cafe view from our table
the view from our table

We decided to order Penne pasta with alfredo sauce and a chicken caesar salad. DH ordered an iced coffee latte and I had a diet coke. Like I said, I was expecting a mediocre meal with mediocre servings, but there was enough to go around for two people. DH, although not a fan of pasta, enjoyed the penne as much as I did.

gerard cafe salad
the chicken caesar salad


gerard cafe pasta
the penne pasta with alfredo sauce
gerard cafe caffe latte
our drinks

I didnt bring my SLR that time because we came from a doctor’s appointment. So my pictures were all taken with my ipad.

gerard cafe iced coffee
DH enjoying his drink

Overall verdict:

Although not that high end, the food was pretty much enjoyable and affordable. The pasta, if purchased a la carte, was around AED 35 and the iced drink was around AED 15.
Pretty good for an economical date in beautiful surroundings!


5 thoughts on “Light lunch at Gerard Cafe, Downtown Burj Residences”

  1. Hiya, this is YB here – y’know, the big 7ft walking talking banana. We’re really glad you enjoyed the Gerard’s pizza ‘n’ pasta deal. They’re a lovely bunch. Anyway Rhey, if you email and say YB promised me a ‘surprise’ – we’ll put a big smile on your face for the weekend.

    Now go banana’s!



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