Tie a ribbon round your finger to remember- DIY Ribbon Ring

Gold bow ring by bkandjio on Etsy

I am on a “ring” accessory phase at the moment because I just found them to look real good on my hands lately. For some particular reason, pregnancy gives my hand a feminine look. I use to think I had macho hands because they are bigger than most of my girl friend’s and even some of my guy friends’.
Inspired by the practice of ‘tying a piece of string round your finger to serve as a reminder of something’, I made a twist to the felt flower ring that I shared earlier (you can find the tutorial here). Instead of the felt flower, you can use felt ribbons or any other ribbon made with a bulky material. I made these different variations you can try.

all rings

ribbon rings up close sequinned lace ribbon, felt ribbon, velvet ribbon and white leather
materials used

I used mostly extra stuff I had lying around. Velvet ribbon, sequinned lace, felt and scrap leather.


rings on my hand