My Macbook pro is ALIVE! – and the computer repair shop that resurrected it

macbook resurrected
my handsome macbook finally resurrected

About a year ago, my macbook crashed. I had no alternative computer and I did not make any back up of the files saved in my hard drive. I tried to get it fixed, but according to the computer repair shop in Al Ain centre in Bur Dubai that deals solely with apple computers, they had no spare parts for this specific model that I owned. I did not have any money to buy a new one and I was trying to solicit old computers from loved ones who cared… unfortunately, none of my loved ones had enough cash to spare me a computer even though they really cared a lot. Those were dark moments of my life…

A few months after, my old company had an IT overhaul and sold their old PCs for AED 300. I grabbed the one that I was using (a 7 year old IBM ThinkCentre) which helped me manage with my music recording (yes I record music for the church choir that I handle), blogging and photo editing. However, that PC occasionally crashes too.

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours recommended another shop in Bur Dubai (near the bus depot and police station) that claimed to be able to fix my mac. We brought the laptop in (after a year of gathering dust). And after a few days, returned it with a fixed graphic card thing and a new fan. For AED 350, I got a bargain. They are not mac software pros though so if there is an error with the software, better research on the solution first before asking them to repair it. When we initially turned on the laptop, it was looking for a boot disk, so the repair guy immediately recommended that we change the hard disk (for an additional AED 350). I was skeptical about that and I made my research first and found the solution online.

But overall, they did a good job restoring my 5 year old macbook pro to its optimum capacity. Needless to say, it probably has 2-3 years of life left in it. If you are in Dubai and have a macbook with a hardware problem that is out of warranty (especially with the graphic card and fan) I would highly recommend you get it fixed from this shop.

Double way computers llc
tel. +97143257280
mobile. +971509152586
NEAR bur dubai bus depot and police station
IT center shop #50


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