Home-made Frozen Yoghurt recipe sans ice cream maker!!!

If you are a froyo addict like me, then this is the cheapest alternative you can find that you can make at home without an ice cream maker. YES! you don’t need the ice cream maker, although it would be really helpful to have one on hand, but still, if you don’t have one, you can make a batch for yourself following these directions.

fro yoYo! Fro Yo!

adapted from running to the kitchen



– one tub of low-fat yoghurt (I used marmum 400 gm which costs around 2-3 AED)

– one teaspoon of vanilla essence

– a tablespoon of honey (manuka honey would be ideal but it is too expensive so I used the cheapest on my shelf)

– 2 bananas sliced up and mashed. Since I am avoiding things that would spike up my sugar, I decided to use only one banana.

– lots of patience (and I mean loads of patience)

I mixed all the ingredients and stirred well. I put it in the freezer and waited for an hour and mixed again. Then I put it back in the freezer and waited for another hour and mixed again.

I then left it overnight and actually forgot about it the next day.

2 days after, I remembered and checked it out. The mixture is now frozen stiff. I then got my blender and stuffed everything in there and blended, adding little milk (low-fat) to help. This is the best time to add whatever flavor you want – strawberries for strawberry flavor or chocolate syrup or peach. I added a tablespoon of peanut butter for flavor. Once the mixture had the consistency of a smoothie, I put it back in the same container and placed it in the freezer. If you want chunks, just add whatever you want after blending.

The next day, when I got my frozen yoghurt craving, I pulled out my mixture and lo and behold! the consistency was just perfect. I have never felt so happy and accomplished in my entire life! lol

from the freezer
from the freezer
peanut butter fro yo
somebody needs to work on product presentation…

Like I said, if you don’t have patience, then this method isn’t for you. I would just recommend you go get yourself a tub from pinkberry. 🙂

fro yo with melted choco and b-activ laban
topped the fro yo with melted chocolate and the strawberry flavored B-activ laban drink from Al Rawabi (yup yoghurt on yoghurt action!)
Fro yo with melted choco and walnuts
you can opt for more traditional melted choco with walnuts
fro yo with grahams walnuts
or with crushed graham crackers and walnuts

I really wished i had fruit… But my fridge is in between groceries right now so I had to grab anything I could find. Strawberries or bananas would be ideal for this… how about some potato chips? hmmmm….

Meanwhile, baby keeps trying to get into the photoshoot…

fro yo tummy shot


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