Everybody loves instagram and I do not need to explain why. I’m a bit addicted too. I got my mom to start posting on instagram so that we can have a glimpse of what she does with her high-tech phones. She always gets the latest gadgets but does not know what do with them. I hope she gets used to posting so that when she goes back to the Philippines, we’d feel a little closer to her with her photo posts… ok, no drama for now.
I use my iphone 3gs or my ipad2. I think the Iphone4 or those new samsung galaxy phones have better resolution than the iphone 3gs. My mom has an Iphone4s. I sometimes steal her instagram photos and post them to my account… 🙂

I use instagram to post some of my doodles coz they look better “instagrammed”

or projectsI just finished or almost finished…

and of course, who doesn’t do this? the food I prepared or am about to consume…

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