Making my blog resolutions

blog planningFollowing my recent “enrollment” to the blog love e-course, I have made some resolutions to be a more active blogger. My goal is not really to earn through blogging but to be more diligent in harboring a creative mind and hopefully set a better example to my little booger in the future… Although earning through a blog would be a plus if I ever do get there, for now, let’s stick to the personal development reason…

resolution 1
Plan my posts atleast a month ahead.

Setting aside a time to plan posts is probably the best thing I have done so far. This serves as a guide whenever I have a sudden surge of energy or inspiration to blog. Instead of rambling on and on about stuff that just pops into my head, I now have a list of actual things that I want to write about. This also has also helped me realize a certain pattern of posts that I want to be working on (mostly about food :)), which in turn will help me with future planning of stuff I will be writing about in the coming months.

This planning also helps whenever I do not feel like blogging. When I am stuck in a rut and my brain is producing nothing, I already have an idea what I should be writing about because I have already planned it.

Now the ordeal is, I have to make time to plan… hopefully I stick to this resolution in the coming months.

Add more personal photos

This actually coincides with my birthday bucket list about using my DSLR more often. I love taking pictures but the hassle of lugging the heavy equipment around has become such a nuisance to me personally. Yeah, I am a lazy fart. But I know pretty pictures are almost always what makes a blog more interesting. I know because most of the time when I am skimming through my blog reader, I always spend more time going through posts with the interesting pictures.

res 3
Bring a notebook everywhere for random ideas

Have I blogged about how much I love notebooks? Especially the ones without lines? I love planners with quirky designs (not the cheap looking ones that you get for free from companies), especially the ones from Starbucks Philippines. I am currently using a red A5 notebook without lines that I bought on sale from Ordning and Reda in Ibn Batutta (for 20 bucks! they usually cost around AED 100). But it is too bulky and I keep that beside my bed for hardcore planning. But for random ideas- I have decided to FINALLY USE these notebooks that I bought from my Eurotrip in 2008.

Eurotrip souvenir Notebooks
I bought the Mona Lisa notebook from the souvenir shop in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan where the Last Supper stucco is located. The orange notebook is from a small shop in Salzburg across my hotel.

They are pocket sized and the orange one has these interesting dashes for lines. Really cute!

inside the orange notebook
inside the orange notebook


Although I am still not blogging daily – and hopefully I’ll get there – I am learning to be more consistent with my posts and with my entries. Reading blogs that are similar to mine give me a daily dosage of inspiration. Now, being inspired is only half the battle, but using the inspiration as a push to action is the key to maintaining a good blog.

PS. I have a food post coming up that I am really excited about. I just need to take better pictures! 🙂


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