Food fan/addict/dreamer

I am a big fan of food.

I know its been a while since I have posted a recipe I have altered or a new restaurant I have tried. Being diabetic is not really easy because you are forced to be picky and you seriously eat mostly boring food. Well atleast I have started doing that… I know the sacrifice will all be worth it once my baby booger is out. That is what is more important now than these incessant cravings for really heavy sugar charged food.

However, I do fall off the bandwagon once in a while and there are days when I just can’t stop eating- white rice, lots of beef and a scoop of jamoca almond fudge from baskin robbins… then i wake up the next day wishing I hadn’t done it and beat myself up over it.

On most days, I just plan… Plan all of the scrumptious food I want to cook, bake, whip up once I am out of the ‘diabetic’ zone. I am subscribed to some food blogs and they never fail to make me dream…

… I can’t wait to have the chance to stuff myself with ice cream…

home made ice cream
Non dairy home made ice cream from a beautiful mess

… or to make those truffles and eat them all…

chocolate cookie dough truffles
chocolate cookie dough truffles

to finally bake that pie…

strawberry rhubarb pie from

… and that cake…

Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut Cheesecake from the cadbury kitchen

or those brownies…

oreo truffle brownies
oreo truffle brownies from chef in training

gotta stop right now… my mouth is watering…

whenever i want food, all i gotta do, is dreaaam… dream, dream dream…



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