Storage boxes with chalkboard paint lids- DIY

I love those IKEA boxes- the color coordinated cardboard ones with the metal trims and metal tag holders. I bought a couple to store/hide my crap in. However two pieces were not enough and they were a bit pricey for around AED 29/pc. (Man! Ive become really stingy!) They are so easy to recreate so I thought I’d try to make them using A4 sized boxes that are usually discarded by most offices.

I asked my DH (dear husband) to get some from his office. He got home one afternoon and got me these.

a4 boxes
A4 boxes from the office

There are tons of ways to cover the boxes up, from craft paper to paint. I decided to cover the lid with chalkboard paint so I can easily label and relabel them. For the bottom (or bulk) of the box, I decided to cover with paper.

materials for covering storage boxes
I had tons of brown envelope lying around and decided to use that. You can use any wrapping paper, or even leftover wall paper. I had chalkboard spray paint lying around from an old project. You can get this at ace hardware.

storage box assembly

First, I dissassembled the bottom box so that the flap will be inside. I wanted a smoother surface for easy covering.

Then, I reassembled and covered the boxes with paper. I added Washi masking tape trim for additional design.

I spray painted the top cover last. Make sure you do this outdoors.

storage boxes final
My storage boxes with chalkboard paint lids

Voila!!! Your personalized boxes! 🙂 Perfect for knick knacks, craft stuff, clutter or other things.


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