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It’s October!! – making my 1 year bucket list

red lipsI love October. This is the time when the weather starts getting pleasant and walking around outdoors isn’t such a hassle. October also happens to be my birthday month. I am getting old. 9 more years and I’m gonna be in my forties. Following the footsteps of Lesley of bucketlist publications, hulaseventy and Elsie of a beautiful mess, I decided to make my bucket list for this new year of my life. I’m planning to make it a monthly thing just like Lesley but I’ll try to make it a birthday thing for now. 🙂

birthday list

Ive already crossed off one since I took the blog course from a beautiful mess. We’ll check next year if I do get to cross of more on this list! 🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s October!! – making my 1 year bucket list”

  1. Is it your birthday today? Happy birthday!!! What a good idea with a bucket list, I really should make one myself as well. 1) Eat Ben & Jerry’s…2) eat more Ben & Jerry’s…hmm..maybe I should look to some of your points for inspiration:)


    1. hahahaha! ben and jerry’s addict!
      My bday is on the 16th but I just like to celebrate the entire month and I remind my husband as early as the 1st so that he has no excuse that he forgot about it! 🙂


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