My DG Studio- my first house tour

I live in a studio flat in Discovery gardens. Although we have a bub joining us in a few months, I think we’re pretty much settled in staying in a studio until finances permit us to get a bigger space. I am very much grateful that we have our own place unlike the bigger demographic of Filipinos in the UAE who share rooms. That thought always reminds me to count my blessings…

Here is a quick and messy tour of the home. I’m planning to make changes especially when the baby booger comes. We still have a lot of rearranging to do!

I sketched this layout a couple of days ago. The grids are proportioned according to the 30x30cm tiles that line our studio floor.
DG studio bed area
The sleeping area

We have a twin bed (or double bed?). DH and I don’t like to sleep with the AC on (I seriously have no idea how we survive the heat) so I don’t like heavy bedding. However, I love those country quilts. This one was a hand-me-down from my mom.

the living area
the living area

My living area is quite small and I sit there when I read. We have a small sofa (which can seat 2 people from IKEA which we got for our wedding and an Italian armchair I bought from overstock at my previous company. I cover the sofa with linens to hide stains. 🙂
The divider darkens the entire room, but I need to separate some of the spaces. I’m planning on painting it white or a lighter color. Maybe green? 🙂

the tv area
TV Area

The TV used to be solely for the living area, but when I was under bed rest a few months ago, I really needed to be entertained, so now it is between the living and the bed area. I love how the bed slats add texture to the background. I just need to clean it up some more. lol

The guitar on the right is BOB, my guitar.

left side of the room
left side of the room

The Left side of the room (according to the floor plan) between the TV and the kitchen is MY CRAP area. We seriously need a nicer dining table, better storage and a better TV stand, preferably drawers to hide my crap :).

Most of my craft stuff, including my sewing machine and paper items are all stored in boxes on the shelves. The dining table is also where I do my sewing.

study/work area
study/work area

Our study/work area consists of an IKEA table and my 7 year old PC and 8 year old printer that dies occasionally. I have more craft stuff under the table. The Keep Calm and Pray poster was made by me one boring afternoon.

the entry way
the entryway

I painted the entry way walls green  and got a bunch of the cheapest IKEA frames to hang our photos. Pictures always make a space personal. On the left side, I have some IKEA shoe boxes to store our shoes. Since the it was a small area, I also put up the big mirror to create the illusion of space.

I didn’t include pictures of the kitchen and the toilet for this post. Maybe next time when it’s cleaner. 🙂

Our house is still a lot of work in progress, but I love it! 🙂


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