5 blogs on my google reader

I read. A lot. It was a trait my dad inculcated in us when we were kids. He forced us to read books by Alexander Dumas and tell him all about it after a few weeks. It was such a pain but the habit grew on us until we, or more or less I, was asking my dad to buy me more books.

Now, I have lessened the book buying and transitioned to a lot of blog reading. Sadly, I married a man who finds my books a clutter. I don’t blame him. We live in a studio apartment and I do own LOTS OF STUFF. When we got married, I had to sell a lot of my books so that we would have space. Although, I have also started reading ebooks, given by friends or bought online from my ipad, I still miss having the physical book in my hands and turning the pages as I read.

Ok enough of the rambling… Here are the 5 blogs I believe are worth having on your google reader. Not just because I read them or everyone else reads them, but because they are written by inspiring individuals with interesting lives. Something I wished I had. 🙂

1) A Beautiful Mess

A beautiful mess is a lifestyle blog full of crafts, fashion, food! The authors of the blog, Emma and Elsie are sisters and they also have their own web shop called red velvet full of vintage items and handmade stuff. Having a shop is something that I’ve been wanting to start since I loved handmade stuff so much. I have since put that dream aside after a series of unsuccessful attempts and discouragement. However, upon finding this blog, I am really inspired to maybe pursue that again.

2. Ciapanaphoto

ciappana photo

I have blogged about this dude before and his photography of simple everyday life remains an inspiration to me.

3. Mitziemee

blog by mitzie mee

One of my really good blogger friends, Mitzie is a jetsetter who use to be a pilot (kick ass right?). Her blog is all about her travels and the weird things she encounters wherever she goes. She is also about to launch her web shop soon so I am excited to check out the stuff she will be selling.

4. Decor8


Who doesn’t like a pretty house? Who doesn’t like pretty things? This blog is my go to for inspiration around the house.

5. Pugly Pixel

pugly pixel

This page is full of resources to make your blog pretty and make your photos interesting. What I love about her is that she learned all these things on her own! – a definite inspiration for those who cannot afford to get lessons on web and graphic design.


One thought on “5 blogs on my google reader”

  1. Yikes…such nice words from you! I don’t know if I can live up to that:) Anyway, I’m back in Dubai in October (around the 10th), so lets meet up! I’ve promised you a huge load of sugar-free Ben&Jerry’s (hmm..not sure that exist).


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