Remembering Innsbruck- Eurotrip 2009

Time flies by so fast. I cannot imagine that it is almost 2013. 3 years ago, I was a single woman who traveled and went on shopping sprees… Now all I can do is reminisce the times I use to wander around on my own.

One of the most notable places I ever went to was Innsbruck, Austria- where the Alps are a common scenario and the weather turned your cheeks to awesome pink.

train station - innsbruck
upon arrival, I decided to go to Kristalwallten to visit the Swarovski factory and museum. Waited for the bus.
The Swarovski factory and museum where there were a lot of ‘weird’ art and crystals. Yes, that signage is made of Swarovski Crystals.
the Triumphal Arch- my hotel was right beside that on the right.
innsbruck- view outside my room
the view outside my room.

I just love old cities and Innsbruck had an old town center with beautiful architecture and streets.

The streets full of shops and restaurants. I spent hours getting lost in them.
innsbruck- buildings
Beautiful architecture and sites to visit
innsbruck- shopfronts
I love the shop windows. Didn’t dare to go into any of them because shopping was not part of the budget!

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