DIY – Felt Flower rings

I have tons of craft stuff lying around that I really need to get rid of. I purchased a bunch of felt from Etsy more than a year ago when I was on a crafting high. I had no idea that Daiso carried felt squares for AED 7 for 4 colors, not that I need any more colors or any more felt. A friend of mine asked me to make these rings a long time ago. I still did not get around to making them so I decided to give it a go so that I have something to give her.

Stuff you need:

materials/stuff that you need
  • (1) Felt for flowers. There are tons of tutorials out there and here are some notable ones.
Sources from L-R 1) Design dump 2) Jones Design Company 3) I am momma hear me roar 4) Design Dump 5) The Crafted Sparrow
  • (2) Adjustable ring blanks (I got mine from my last trip to Manila), but I believe you can get them in Satwa
  • (3) glue gun and scissors
  • (4) needle and thread
  1. Make your felt flowers.

    my felt flowers
  2. Make a round felt bottom big enough to cover the flower. I usually use black felt but used the same felt color as the flower for this project. Do not stick them together yet.
  3. Take your ring blanks and your felt bottom. Make two parallel slits on felt bottom and insert the ring blanks through.
    the ring blanks inserted through the felt bottom

    Secure with glue gun. Stick the felt flower to the felt bottom with glue gun.

  4. Stitch the edges of felt bottom to flower to finish and to hide the glue.

    side view of the ring. no stitching done yet

Pretty easy right? Let’s make more rings!!!

please excuse the ugly hands. 🙂

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