Got to do something about my theme

I dont know. I just looked at my blog and got bored. Although I have pledged to add more pics to post, I still have this heavy nagging feeling that keeps me up all night. I need to do something about my layout.

I still do not want to buy webspace because I want to be more consistent with posting so I might as well try out some wordpress themes (that are for free) that might work for the time being. I saw these random ones from my dashboard that might work.

1. Pink Touch

Pink touch
Pink Touch Free wordpress theme

I like the simple colors and the serif fonts. It might be too plain but it can be a good change until I finally decide to get that webspace and get free reign over the look of the site.

2. Ideation and Intent

ideation and intent
I have no idea where they get inspiration about theme names

Once again, plane plain (I keep spelling it wrong, must be baby brain) colors but I like the three column format. Fonts are sans serif. I do prefer a mixture of fonts. Atleast two different ones. And I prefer

3. Ever after

Ever after
Ever after theme

Another singular columned layout with more interesting colors. I liked the splash of blue green as a subtitle banner. Not so crazy about the site title font though. I can always replace that with my own pic but right now I just want easy, simple, and quick.

4. Balloons

Balloons theme

I really liked the handwritten blog titles. But I think the singular columns are too plain for me. And balloons… I have never blogged about balloons.

5. Sunspot

different colors

This is a much more bolder theme. And it comes in three columns which is what I prefer.
I am still undecided but there will definitely be changes in the coming months. Do you have any free wordpress themes you can recommend? I prefer two-three columns themes, ideally but not necessarily with handwritten fonts.
Hit me up with the link if you find one.


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