Random food post

As a result of my recent trip to the Fruit and Vegetable market as narrated here, I now have a fridge overflowing with carrots, aubergines, tomatoes and okras.

Prepped my salads with a bedding of arugula topped with sliced apple, chinese pear and carrot and walnut. Will add the oranges and the tomatoes later to prevent the salad from becoming too moist.

I dont know why i used my green curtains as backdrop. Need to work on my food photography.

Just found out I didn’t have to peel my carrots before putting in the juicer. And that’s the part I really hate-peeling. But I’ll be having fresh carrot juice everyday for this week- yummm… still trying to find other veggies to add… I don’t really want to put oranges because I just don’t feel like it.

carrot juice from the juicer

I planned to make tomato sauce with most of the tomatoes we bought. I am the only pasta eater at home. DH likes the typical Pinoy food with steamed rice. So I usually have pasta for lunch when I am all alone. I don’t mind, I don’t like sharing my pasta anyway. 🙂

Ive got loads of tomatoes. froze some of them and made tomato sauce with the rest.

I baked my tomatoes in the oven for an hour, with garlic and onions, checking every 20 minutes and mashing. Then I let it cool and pureed it in the blender. Added salt and pepper to taste. Didn’t put it on the stove top because I have an induction cooker and I cant seem to control the temperature with that.

Breakfast now is a bit revamped with strawberries added to my cereal. I usually have the Nestle Fitness cereals because its whole grain. I’m pretending to be diet conscious like that. I also add walnuts. Don’t you love walnuts?


Been drinking carbonated water to ease the coca cola cravings. Added strawberries for a little flavor. It didn’t help but at least I get picture worthy arrangements out of it.

carbonated water with strawberries. I use San Pellegrino.

I’m a bit crazy on the fruits and vegetables right now. Makes me want to live in a farm and grow my own!


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