Nail Polish from Day to Day- a review

Nail polish from day to day

I bought this nail polish set for AED 5 in 6 fun colors as I narrated in a previous blog post. I don’t really wear nail polish, but I have been obsessing over nail polish colors on pinterest and with all the pregnancy hormones giving my nails a beauty boost, I knew it was the perfect time to start wearing them. I never get my nails done except on special occasions, the last special occasion being my wedding in February 2010. A friend took me to get my nails done for my birthday October of last year. I don’t know how to clean my nails (manicure style) and always cut it short. But I think things are about to change… 🙂

Getting your nails done is an expensive commodity. Salons are expensive in Dubai which is why I never go. Nail polish prices have also gone up and I seriously can’t paint with my left hand.

The nail polish brand from Day to Day is called enchant. It is a product made in China. It’s easily applicable and you need to apply at least 3 coats to get the solid effect. I initially tried the blue color to paint all my nails.

first try with the nail polish

I thought it looked good, but I have very low standards :).

Downside, after I took a shower, the polish started to peel off. Upside, I didn’t need to use a nail polish remover!!!

I decided to try again but this time, I used a quality top coat that I borrowed from a friend. I still used blue on my hands and the red on my feet. The brand of the top coat was Sally Hansen. I don’t have a picture because I was too excited to use it.

Blue for my hands and Red for my toes.
I did three coats again to get this solid color.
I had a hard time reaching my toes because of the pregnancy bump and I did botch the coloring job a million times.

The colored stayed longer than two days. I always chip my nails right after putting polish so I don’t know if I should blame the quality of the brand or just my clumsiness.

Happy nails
mom wanted in on the shot. flipflops courtesy of my mom who owns about a dozen pair.


Good enough for the weekend splash of color. But you have to use a top coat to make it last longer. I don’t wear nail polish religiously so this really works for me. Even after doing the dishes a million times, the paint has not started to wear off. I didn’t use a fast drying top coat. I think that would also make a difference to prevent any chipping while drying. And maybe my nails would look better if I had someone else paint my left hand for me. 🙂

*5 days after, the nail polish is still intact. I started scratching it off on purpose and they came off in big pieces. I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing but I like the way it peels off.

Big chunks of the peeled off nail polish.

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