A visit to the fruit and vegetable market

If you plan to visit the above place, make sure that you go with friends and bring a car. The fruit and vegetable market is pretty far, if you decide to go by taxi. All goods are sold by bulk and unless you are feeding an entire town, I think it is impractical to go by yourself.

DH posing as soon as we got there.

I’ve been planning to go for a very long time because I wanted to buy strawberries (which cost so much in the supermarkets), raspberries (if I could find any) and other veggies for my salads. We went with some friends who all planned to split everything.

My friend inspecting some of the veggies

Everything was a lot cheaper there, but you have to be careful with the quality of the fruits and veggies you want to buy. My tip is to inspect! I was very fortunate to have ‘experienced’ moms who came with me. They knew what to look for and would not allow themselves to be duped by some of the stall owners.

Vegetables and fruits
We bought Pumpkins for AED 2/kg, Oranges for I dont remember, Eggplants for AED 11 for a box, and AED 10 for a sack of Okras (ladyfingers)

I was on the hunt for my cheap strawberries and saw a stall that sold a bunch for AED 10. There was no foam underneath the bunch compared to the other stalls that sold them so I immediately bought two. In supermarkets, the last one I bought was for AED 11 and it was a just a small bunch. I had enough that would last me for two weeks. The challenge was to prevent them from spoiling. So I froze them when we got home.

DH was a dear and was our designated “carrier” for the entire trip. Although you can get one the guys there with wheelbarrows to carry all the stuff you bought for AED 5.

You also have to HAGGLE! Don’t settle for the first price the sellers give you. You can always go down AED 2-5 lower. That is still a lot of savings!

Haggling is the way to go!

Unfortunately the weather was still TOO HOT for a pregnant woman to walk around in. I spent only 15 minutes inside the market when I felt dizzy and a friend told me that the color has drained my face. So we decided that I just stay in the car and rehydrate while they all finished shopping.

Fruit and Vegetable Market
Ras Al Khor, Dubai.
Location map can be found here.

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