I am ecstatic!

DH is a bit disappointed since he was rooting to have a boy, but I know in his heart he loves this baby girl as much as I do. She’ll end up being a daddy’s girl anyway…

I am now at 25 weeks and about to say hello to my third trimester. I have started feeling her subtle kicks and jumping jacks and at my last ultrasound, we saw her sucking her thumb. It was beautifully breathtaking and I am feeling less of an alien now.

I am currently contemplating on a name although I already had my heart set on Aria/Arya but my mom is giving me a hard time about it. I love my mom, seriously, she’s the best, but she can be a tad bit annoying sometimes (just like all moms). She keeps saying she’ll call my baby Ariel if I do decide to call her Aria. I have 3 months left to make her understand just what the name Aria stands for.

I am not a full fledged musician but I do love music and play the piano and guitar once in a while. She kicks a lot when I teach the choir at church or when I play the piano for our church services.

I also like the character of Arya Starck from the Game of Thrones. She’s kick ass, and reminds me of me – coz i am kick ass! lol


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