An update and a few minutes of clarity

Its been so long. Ive got excuses and I will cite them when I’m done being lazy.


My pregnancy is coming along great. Of course I have to have all the aches and pains written in the book but I am excited because lately, I have started to feel something swirling inside me. When I really take time to think about it, I am reminded of the movie Species with Natasha Henstridge… I know its gross but still, it keeps popping into my mind…

Who knew carpal tunnel syndrome is also a symptom for some pregnancies? My wrists hurt like hell when I wake up in the morning, when I do my chores, when I hold my ipad the wrong way, when I play the piano or the guitar, when I try to scratch my ass… pretty much all of the time. But its suppose to be a part of all the fluids loosening up all the joints and what-nots* and will go away once baby booger is out of me. I’m  just really grateful I made it this far… 23 weeks and counting. I’ve also got gestational diabetes and can’t eat everything I want. I have cried over a piece of chocopeanut because I just can’t eat one and DH ate an entire bag infront of my face…

But I love the thought of being a mom soon… you know what else I am excited about? the baby shower!  hehehehe




One thought on “An update and a few minutes of clarity”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you and the baby are doing fine. I haven’t watches Species, but I watched Prometheus..and Alien:) Just joking, I’m sure that your baby will be adorable and that you will be a very good mom. It’s so exciting! And when the baby is out, I’ll give you a large Ben&Jerry’s ice cream:)


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