Design Inspired: Fabrics by TStudio

I use to work in Product Research and Development for an office furniture company in Dubai. The job opened me up to a whole lot of design possibilities and trends. Office furniture is somehow more limited and conservative than Home Design. Though there are a lot of non-conformists out there that incorporates a lot of the ‘home’ in a professional setting, office furniture is a bit more restrictive and formal with its use of colors, patterns and materials, especially in fabric. That being said, I am more drawn to home furniture than office furniture.

Today I wanted to blog about a fabric designer that has caught my eye for the past few months. Although he’s not as famous as Amy Butler and Angie Lewin who also happen to be his favorites, I believe he’s on the right path to breaking out into their world.

Tashi’s Design on Pillowcases

Designer Tashi Tsering of TStudio hails from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh – a small town in the north east part of India. He finished his degree in Fashion and Textiles from National Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore in 2009 and started working with a few export houses that manufactures fabrics for Home furnishing as well as rugs.

more pillowcases

more pillows

His love for flora is very evident in his designs and he claims that it was William Morris that inspired him most because of his awe-inspiring, beautifully and neatly arranged floral patterns.

flower patterns
flower patterns

“Oh oh I am so so in love and inspired by the Palampores and Kalamkaris of the early nineteenth century that were hand painted in the east coast of India and exported to Europe.” says Tashi. “I have always loved floral Prints and I think even now I am very much inclined towards it.

more flowers

However I’d like to think of myself as having a varied taste in terms of art forms and colors when it comes to developing patterns. I love to explore and mix match stuff. For example, I love to have a patch/dab of color/colors on a pencil scribbled floral pattern, etc.  I love to work with textures too. Few more of my favorites include Sanna Annuka, Josef Frank, Amy Butler, Angie Lewin and few more whom i cant recall at the moment !!..And my future plans include establishing a design studio and collaborate with artists, Designers and manufacturers.”


Looking forward to hearing more about Tashi from other places! Hopefully, I can get a hand on some of his designs in the local Dubai market.

You can get in touch with Tashi on his facebook page, behance page or by emailing him at


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