Good times: Davao Escape – Pearl Farm

pearl farm
picture taken from Pearl farm website.

Upon our arrival at the resort, we were given welcome drinks. Who doesn’t love welcome drinks?

The resort was everything you could imagine- the ambience, the beaches. Although August is the season of bad weather in the Philippines, we were fortunate enough to only get a bit of showers here and there and instead got lots of sunshine.

main entry
clockwise from upper left- 1) main gazebo where we eat 2) the parola bar where you are welcomed when you arrive, there is a karaoke bar at the second floor 3) i just had to pose infront of the signage 4) the main gazebo overlooking the pool and the water

You get options of staying on the water or on the land. We decided to get a room which was on the water. They called them Samal houses. They were perfect for honeymooners. Note to self: Bring DH there when he has the money. (bwahahaha)

the room where we stayed in
1) our room was in one of those floating villas 2) the water was so clear from the balcony, you can see the beautiful reef under 3) me

You get around the resort in one of those small jeeps or by walking. I preferred the jeeps.

island hopping
left: me and my bro making our mark on one of the islands, right: one of the beaches on the main pearl farm island
left: another deserted beach on another island, right: the steps leading up to the Balay villas which are the accommodation inside the island.
playing in the water
left: a beautiful day on the island, right: sunset view from our room
playing around
left: playing around the crystal clear waters surrounding the main island right: a boat docked on one of the islands

The resort has a spa in the middle of the forest. That was just lovely. I didnt get any pictures because we werent allowed to.

We stayed for 3 days and I spent roughly around AED 1000 (Php 12ooo) per person. Not bad for 6 years ago right?

left: bummed out that i have to go right: the boat that took us back to the city

How to get there: check out my previous post here.


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