Good times: Davao Escape part 1

Since I do not have anything much to blog about these days because of being stuck at home and mostly on the bed, I decided to share the stuff and places I have been to in my past life- as a single woman. Before you get me wrong, I do not regret being married. I love my husband and am excited to welcome my baby booger to this world. But I miss being able to pack up my stuff and go to places (places I can afford) whenever I felt like it (or whenever I had the money). I am an adventurer in my heart (not supported by my bank account), and thrive on new experiences. Now, I am just resigned to reliving those experiences through my photos. Fun, fun, fun… (sarcasm)

So back in August 2006, for my annual leave, I went to Davao with my brother and his girlfriend (now my sister in law). Davao is located in Mindanao which is the southern part of the Philippines. They had the Kadayawan festival (celebration of good harvest) at this time so we were in the midst of all the festivities. In the Philippines, if you happen to be in a place during their ‘fiesta’, you will be stuck in the middle of all the street dancing, parades, street concerts, street parties, street food, traffic… The best part about Davao is that it is clean. I mean, compare it to Manila, it is off white and Manila is black.

1) big pic: kids on a float in traditional costume 2) bottom left: some famous dude 3) middle: sis in law infront of a float 4) street dancers

We stayed for 2 days in Davao city and then headed off to Pearl Farm which is located in one of the islands of  Samal. To get there, you have to go on an hour boat ride.

on the way to the boat
on the way to the boat with matching sombreros. Yes, I was one of those kids who got herself a jansport bag
pearl divers
one of a handful of pearl divers who approach tourists

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of anything, this is the place to be. I loved my stay there! The ambience, the beaches. Although August is the season of bad weather in the Philippines, we were fortunate enough to only get a bit of showers here and there and instead got lots of sunshine.

boat ride
on the boat ride approaching Pearl Farm

I’ll share more pictures on the Pearl Farm in my next post. Please note that this is not a paid ad. I did not get paid for this experience. As a matter of fact, I paid a very good amount for this trip. But it was surely worth every centavo.

To get to Davao from Manila, you have to take a domestic flight from Manila to Davao. When I went, the fare was pretty cheap, around Php 3000 (around USD 70/ AED 260). Who knows how much it is now. But you can check Cebu Pacific, Airphil express, Philippine Airlines or Zest airways.

The boat ride was arranged by the resort. You can make your bookings through their website here.


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